Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super Fast and Easy Fruit Crisp

Most of what I blog about is pretty darn simple. That's because I have 4 children, a husband, a home to run and a part time job while the kids are in school...all of which don't allow me to spend hours creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. So please excuse the paper plates and using the microwave - I'm sure it's giving me various tumors in my brain - but I will have a healthy body!!! lol!

This recipe was born out of pure desperation. I made my family these beauties...

because my children are at the age where if I don't make it - they will find some other mommy who does and I won't be their favorite any more. (That's another post)

These babies were sitting around, and they are my BIGGEST weakness - cookies!! So I decided I needed me something sweet to compete. And believe me people it's not gourmet - it's desperate.

Super Fast and Easy Fruit Crisp
Putting this dessert on a plate instead of a bowl will make it "crispier" instead of soggy. Feel free to use a beautiful plate and make your dessert feel "special".

* 1/2 cup of fruit - fresh or frozen
* sprinkle with a teaspoon of flour
* and a dash of salt and/or cinnamon if it compliments your fruit
* top with a handful of regular or quick oats
* drizzle with agave, honey or sprinkle brown sugar

Microwave for 1-2 minutes. Let cool or you will burn your mouth off. Enjoy while everyone else is eating their fat laden treats! WILL POWER PEOPLE!! That is all that separates us from them. Good old mind over matter. Sounds so easy huh?


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