Sunday, January 24, 2010

(Make your own) Frozen Burritos

Most of my greatest discoveries are made out of desperation.
I desperately need to eat.
And make it healthy.

I LOVE eating bean & rice burritos for lunch - I make them ahead and freeze them. I could eat one everyday. If you work or are going to be away for lunch, take one with you and it will be room temp by lunch. I like them like that - or you can find a way to heat them up. They are surprising filling too!

Not a real complex recipe - but here is my latest -

Mexican Rice (in a hurry!)

Into your rice cooker goes:

3 - 4 cups of short grain brown rice - (or white)
correct amount of water (look on package - I use my hand to measure - but hard to explain)
1 can Rotel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies
1 package Burrito seasoning packet (or your favorite)

Press "cook" and walk away.

Serve in (my favorite) Mission white or wheat 96% fat free tortillas with (my favorite) canned pinto beans (or make your own - some times I do) with NO cheese for you - but add some cheese for the natives. (I call them natives cause sometimes my kids remind me of natives scouring the land for food, meat, and anything with loads of fat and sugar. - hope that's not a politically INcorrect word)

Some thoughts:

You can serve these for dinner the day you make them- adding veggies like: lettuce, tomato, sprouts, avocado ( if losing weight isn't an issue) and fresh or canned salsa. OR freeze like I said above - without the veggies.

I wrap mine in wax paper - so I can microwave them in it.

Experiment with different seasoning packets, make up your own, or use a packaged seasoned rice and DON'T add the butter/oil.

Let the natives put on: cheese, sour cream, gobs of butter, whatever will make them eat it. (I'm joking - but not really - at least they are eating brown rice and that's a start!

If you make your own beans, then this might not be "in a hurry" anymore. Unless you froze your homemade beans and defrosted them.

You may need to add salt to the rice per your liking. I love salt. Probably not a great thing.

Try dipping your burritos in your favorite taco sauce ( I Love Taco Bell's mild) or try barbecue sauce!

A note on fake cheeses:
They are expensive.
The ones that taste like anything are full of fat.
If I want fat, I'd rather have avocado.
Therefore I don't use them.

Have I talked enough about these things that are supposed to be EASY???



Debbie said...

Great idea! I'm going to be whipping some of these up tomorrow, Thanks for sharing it.

steph said...

GREAT idea! I have days where I am starving and I don't have anything easy to do. I am totally doing this.


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