Monday, May 23, 2011

No Recipe Required Veggie Stew

Give me a baked potato any day of the week. I know of no healthier way to fill up than with starches - and potatoes are my fave.  Most people are scared to death of them - and for good reason I guess!  The diet industry has manipulated the public into believing that anything WHITE is automatically bad! I even read recently that if you are on welfare, you can't purchase russet potatoes with your food stamps!! That is so ridiculous to me.  IT'S THE CRAP YOU PUT ON THE POTATOES THAT IS MAKING YOU FAT PEOPLE!  Don't blame the poor potato!

There. I feel better.

Having said that, your probably wondering - well if I don't put CRAP on my potato how the heck can I eat the dry thing?

So glad you asked!!

I cook a bunch at the beginning of the week and keep them in the fridge.

If I have 5 minutes prep time available and it's a snack, I just heat in the micro (cut in half and cover with a paper towel) and top with salsa, bbq sauce, or ketchup.

If I have 10 - 15 minutes prep time - and it's for lunch, I will open a can of healthy soup and pour over my baked potato and nuke.

Or if I have 20+ minutes, I might make a stew with veggies and top my potato with that.

No Recipe Required Veggie Stew
1 can of diced tomatoes
2 -3 cups frozen or fresh veggies 
Italian, Mexican, or Cajun spice blends 
salt & pepper

Above, is a pic of a stew I made with cabbage, shredded carrots and a can of diced tomatoes.  I left it plain and added a different spice each time I ate it.  Serve over baked potatoes or reheated ones cut into bite sized pieces.

Adapting for children/hubby/non-McDougall lovers: I would serve plain baked potatoes (with assorted toppings), garlic bread and/or grilled cheese sandwiches for the kiddos.  But they would have to have a small bowl of the veggie stew first! (And maybe some carrot sticks too!)


Jennifer B. said...

That looks delicious! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm off to scrub potatoes. . .

Anne Roy said...

I have just found your blog via a McDougall link. I have had MS for 16 years but am still prancing around due to the Swank diet & now further modifications having found the McDougall talk about MS.

Anne in England

Darlene said...

Jenn, you do not have to post this. I just found your web site and cannot pull up any of your recipies. can you help me? my email is
thank you

Peter Thomos said...

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Jen said...

Thanks for you comments everyone! I am back on the blog now and sooo happy to be Mcdougalling again :)


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