Wednesday, September 17, 2008

French Toast Frenzy

I am continually amazed at the fact that you don't HAVE to cook with eggs, butter and milk in order for something to taste delicious. I think it's the old fashioned way of thinking (not that I have anything against old-fashionedness) I personally think we have so much to learn from those simpler days, but we're talking about food here, and in the olden days they had farms and they used what was available. (Plus they worked in them farms and worked off all the fat they were consuming or else the winter cold stripped it off their bodies like butter off a warm plate).

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Cooking without dairy products. It can prove to be a challenge - unless you learn a few tricks. Here is one of them: nuts. They are so darn useful I could just shout a big THANK YOU from my roof top to the person who created them. (and we all know who that is).

So I had this loaf of Sunflour Bakery's Cinnamon Bread that my sweet neighbor gave me (the day old bread her dad picks up for the Senior Center - gets handed down to me when there is a surplus) and I was thinking it would make terrific french toast. Problem? We don't do eggs. But I remembered a trick I saw in a McDougall Cookbook about making cashew milk. Well I didn't have any cashews but I had walnuts. So this is what I did: click here for recipe

VIOLA! A super yummy coating for french toast - that is SUPER good for you too!

ALL of my kids AND my sister-in-law (who lives with us) were pounding it! They LOVED it! They said it was better than "regular old-fashioned" french toast. It even browned a beautiful color with a crispy outside and soft inside. They used powdered sugar to top it off. But you could also slice bananas on top or use syrup if you wish.

Happy Breakfast!


steph said...

The french toast recipe looks awesome. I will for sure be trying this. I thought I was adventurous in my food making but you are my hero. You are making me more adventurous. It's fun!

steph said...

I just made a comment but just wanted to say that I tried this recipe on my family tonight and they loved it. It was different but so much better.


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