Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kale. It's what's for dinner.


My poor kids. Tonight I made baked whole yams & sweet potatoes, rice, homemade wheat bread - made earlier in the day...

and kale.

They've eaten it before, but it's been awhile. Oh, I told them how good it was for them...
how it is quite possibly the most nutritious food in whole galaxy
how Superman was probably fed it as a child
how it would fight off all the germs trying to fester in their body from school today
and how after all THAT it doesn't even really taste THAT bad...

They didn't buy it.

But they all ate it.

Except the youngest, who truly gagged and was almost crying with the green stuff hanging out of her mouth.

I told her fine go and spit it out.

Oh, the untold truths of the dinner table.

1 comment:

fivejensenboyz said...

Okay that HAS to be the funniest story ever


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