Friday, January 9, 2009


Have you ever had an Ebelskiver?

Some friends of ours introduced these to us a while back and as I was thinking of something yummy and special to make for New Year's Day Brunch, these popped into my mind. After a little research on the world wide web, I realized that I could just use my standard pancake batter recipe. I'm sure the Danish would cringe at my rendition - but really, I don't need anything better than this, it was an all around crowd pleaser!!

Vegan Ebelskivers
You'll need an Ebleskiver pan to make these. They taste like mini donuts!

1. Follow the recipe for The Best Fatfree Pancakes or Waffles Ever
2. Heat Ebelskiver pan over medium heat.
3. Spray with non-stick spray (may need to add a bit more oil if pan is new and unseasoned.)
4. Pour batter into "holes" filling to top, but not over flowing.
5. Cook until golden on one side, then flip over using a wooden skewer to continue cooking.
6. Serve with powdered sugar and/or a variety of jams.

These ones were made using only non-stick spray

These ones, I poured a bit of oil in each "hole" - ya know, for the non-McDougallers

What a fun, special treat - we will definitely be making these again!!


Debbie said...

My mother inherited an old ebelskiver pan from my grandmother (who I think got it from her grandmother) and we made them occasionally. We used knitting needles to turn ours. I don't think my mom enjoyed making them much, but we kids loved them.

I wonder what happened to that pan? I doubt my brothers would have kept it when they emptied out her house. Boys.

Thanks for the memories!

steph said...

Those look delicious! Where do you find a pan like that? I will be trying this.

About Me said...
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Jenn said...

Steph - try online...where else?? Oh, or if your passing by Solvang anytime soon, they have them there too!!


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