Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Non-chicken Nuggets...pass or fail?

I have made a few vegan dad recipes before and have enjoyed them. He has a slew of boys and therefore makes a lot of seitan/fake meat stuff. I don't need this category in my vegan cuisine, but I understand that a lot of people like to eat fake meat. So when the hubby isn't home for dinner (last night) I usually try out something on the kids for fun.

Find the recipe for Vegan Boneless Chickenless Hotwings here

They didn't take long to put together and I had all the ingredients already on hand.
Overall, the kids liked them - and I tasted and thought they were actually pretty good! They liked them dunked in bbq sauce best. I coated them in crushed up shredded wheat instead of panko breadcrumbs because I didn't have any - so I'll try those next time.

Picked these up for the kids but when hubby called and found out what we were eating he said, "save me some"! Sorry, that idea did not fly with 4 hungry kids.

And maybe putting these under the broiler for the last 2 (or 5 ) minutes wasn't such a good idea.
I may or may not have thought a bad word in my mind when I almost burned these babies.


Jenna said...

OOOH - they look good, even the almost burnt ones. I will have to try them. Thanks!

Kelly said...

I wish I could get these to come out right. They are the only seitan recipe I can't quite "get". They're always way too chewy for me.

Glad you found success, I'll have to keep trying.

steph said...

I'm going to guess that you did think a bad word. They look really good. My kids would like those.


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