Monday, February 1, 2010

"Veggie Night"

This is the meal that started it all. About 4 years ago we started having "veggie night" - Just my attempt at getting a lot of veggies into their system without filling them up with meat too. This didn't take very much effort or creativity. It's just as you see it: baked yams & sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, roasted asparagus and white sticky rice. Sometimes the rice is brown, sometimes we make mashed potatoes, and often I'll make the kids some garlic bread to go with. At first they asked, "Where's the beef?" ...but after awhile they stopped asking. Now they fight over the biggest yam. But one things for sure - there are no hungry tummies when you eat a starch based meal - and the price is right!

I roasted the asparagus in the oven at 400 degrees with a few sprinkles of water and garlic salt. I cook them until the tips are a bit crispy and the stalks are juicy and tender (about 15 minutes) I think I ate almost the entire bunch tonight - minus the few my hubby ate. My kids aren't big fans so they ate broccoli. Mmmm... I LOVE these!

Veggie Night tips:

* Kids add butter to everything. They just do.

* We don't. Well sometimes the hubby does : )

* Try a little brown sugar or maple syrup on your yam instead of butter.

* The yams are best the next day cold from the fridge as a snack - the juices turn sticky like candy. Am I weird?

* A friend taught me that broccoli tastes really good sprinkled with seasoned rice vinegar.

* She's right. I always eat mine like this now.

* The kids don't.

* Of course.

*They just add more butter. - But at least they're eating their veggies!

What's a mom to do?


Jenna said...

Veggie night looks yummy! We have sweet potatoes once a week when my husband is gone because he chooses not to eat them. Have you tried lime squeezed on them after a little butter or EVOO? It is so good.

Jennifer B. said...

What a great idea! The veggies look so yummy--I wish I had looked at this before the snack I just ate.

Oh well, still time to make a veggie dinner!

petrii said...

I LOVE veggie night. Wait most of my nights are veggie night =)

I LOVE roasted broccoli, but have never tried it with rice vinegar. May have to try that.

Love you site!!

Have a Blessed day,


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